Smoodies in Mumbai, the City of Dreams


A tiny note from Anusha Bhushan (Co-Founder & CEO of Smoodies)

Co-founders at Smoodies


"For a while now I’ve been thinking about writing about what we have been upto at Smoodies. Every time we get into a new store, hit a new milestone, or just do something cool. But I haven’t. Partly because I felt like some of our victories feel like victories only to the team of people slogging their ass off to get work done, but probably don’t feel like much to the rest of the world.

But I have been reflective lately.

I still remember the day I sat at the dining table with my laptop thinking “right, let’s start a smoothies startup”. And by the end of the day, I had my head in my hands thinking “are you kidding yourself, how in the world are you going to do this”.

But then I woke up the next morning and did it again, and again and again for many months, until one day I said “OMG we have a product!”

Along the way to launching our product, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have found a fantastic cofounder in my already terrific friend, Siddhartha Deb, and our anchor, Palack Waney who has been the kind of Founding Team member every startup should dream of having. Throw in a herd of amazing team members, supportive family and friends cheering us along as we move forward, and we have had all the elements of a really fun journey so far. A special mention of my husband Varun Gupta for being so awesome. Side note on the second startup coming out of our household: Check out if you haven’t already — simplifying travel like nobody has before!

Now why am I seemingly exhibiting this nostalgia? I guess because I woke up the other day and it hit me that Smoodies is around a year old now. And that set me down the path of thinking about what we have achieved in the last one year.


So what have we achieved in the last 1 year?

You will now find us in over 85 stores across Bangalore and most online grocery platforms. These include Godrej Nature’s Basket, Hypercity, SPAR, More, Star Bazaar, Foodworld, Namdhari’s, and in the online space, BigBasket, Grofers, Amazon Now,, and ZopNow.

We are also available in a number of corporate offices across the city, and have garnered ourselves a lovely set of customers from whom we receive amazing feedback.

In short, we’ve been busy making Bangalore healthy and happy 😊


What next for Smoodies?

Now while I haven’t written too much about everything we’ve been doing, here is a piece of news that we just can’t wait to share with you!

Smoodies is now in Mumbai! Yes we’re super excited! We had such an awesome time in Namma Bengaluru getting our products out to the city, that we can’t wait to do the same in Aamchi Mumbai!

Smoodies now in Mumbai

I had left my corporate job in Mumbai after having repeatedly wandered the aisles of Mumbai supermarkets looking for good healthy products, and that in turn served as inspiration to do this. We are excited to let you know that you will find our products in those very aisles soon.

So, Mumbai folk. Do look out for Smoodies. For now, they are available on BigBasket and Grofers, and you will shortly find us in a store near you!

And we ask you for one favour in return. Do give us feedback: good, bad and ugly.

Don’t find our products where you would like to see them? Let us know.

Want to see something else from us? Let us know.

And importantly, tell your friends and family all about us, because it is your support that will make all the difference 😊"


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