Frequently Asked Questions


Almost all of our products are ready to drink, straight out of the bottle.

No need to add water, milk or any other preparation in the kitchen.

Our Mixee range can be used along with yogurt or milk to create a dairy-based milkshake.

All of our products can be consumed along with soda or a spirit of your choice, to create a great range of mocktails or cocktails.

As long as the products have the original seal on, you can store them in cool & dry ambient conditions, like a cupboard.
Once opened, please consume within 2 days, and strictly keep refrigerated.

We always recommend you drink them cold for the best taste experience!

The majority of our products have 120-day shelf life.

We are working hard to make sure we get longer shelf life without changing our brand values or processing specs.

Our Tender Coconut Water has a 6 month shelf life.

We manufacture in an ISO 22000 certified facility, and have a number of safety measures in place 

- Sterilization of our glass bottles and caps prior to filling 

- With advancements in technology, we also reduce the microbial load in our drinks before bottling and maintain a 99% purified air facility 

- Glass is a material that does not allow oxygen to move in and out of the bottle, which helps reduce oxidization of the product, thereby extending shelf life! 

- We are also incredibly careful about maintaining a clean production environment and filling our drink into sanitized bottles which helps give our drinks shelf-life.  

Our fruit is sourced from farms during harvest season. Strawberries & Jamun from Maharashtra; Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Guava from Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh), Litchi from Bihar, Sugarcane from Karnataka.

We love our rich diversity of fruit in India, and try our hardest to source locally!

Smoodies are diabetic friendly to the extent that there is no added sugar in the product.

However since there is natural fruit sugar, we would urge you to go with doctor recommended advice on which fruits are suitable for consumption.

Kids Range

Anyone between 3 to 99 years of age is fit to have Smoodies Just for Kids

Made from fruits loved by children, it’s fruity and nutritious at the same time, the packaging is safe for kids to carry. 

Like all our products, this is 100% fruit in a pack, zero added sugar, preservatives or colour. It’s completely safe and nutritious for kids to have. The packaging is safe and easy for kids to carry around. 

Orders & Shipping

For customers in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi NCR or Hyderabad, we offer deliveries in 2 working days.

For all other cities, please note we will dispatch your order from our factory in Bengaluru within 24 hours, however courier companies can take 4-5 days to deliver your product depending on where you are.

Our products are laboratory tested to ensure there is no spoilage during a long transit time, and they are also tested for extreme weather conditions!

You can enjoy your Smoodies without worrying about their freshness!

Smoodies works in partnership with trusted national courier companies.  We try to ensure seamless, perfect deliveries to your home.

For all areas, we have free shipping above Rs. 800.

For other tiers, please take a look at our regular shipping charges detailed in this link.

We do offer Cash on Delivery for orders below Rs. 500. We highly recommend Online payments so you can order as much as you want, and for lower shipping fees.

If anything were to go wrong with your order, we have a Return policy that will take care of you!

We work with Razorpay, a trusted payment gateway, which will keep your payment details safe and encrypted.

Returns & Replacement policy

We dispatch our products within a day of placing the order, after which it cannot be cancelled since its on its way to you!

In the case of Cash on Delivery orders, we ask you to reconfirm your order before we dispatch, to make sure you are sure you want your order!

In the unlikely event of breakage or a problem with your package, we will make sure to either send you a fresh set of bottles, or process a refund!

Please ensure to send us a picture of the breakage or spoilage, so we can process your rectification accordingly.