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100% Fruit in a Bottle

All-Natural · No Added Sugar · No Added Preservative · No Added Colour · Gluten-Free · Eco-friendly

Delicious. Honest. Nutritious.

The cleanest clean label brand

Ingredients that are 100% natural and safe.

Glass bottles that are infinitely reusable and recyclable, and are the healthiest storage material for your body and the environment.

Great flavour comes from stunning fruit!

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From our customers


So close to the good old times - of pure fruit juice, with no additives. Something almost forgotten in the current times of synthetic & forever shelf life.
You have a loyal customer so long as you stick to the standards you have just set.

Ashish Jauhari

Superb Juices and smoothies. It's a must buy. It's the only type of its kind.

Anup Goel

Genuine products. Tasty And refreshing. Prompt delivery. Will surely try other products. Thank you Smoodies.

Nazrin Fayaz

Smoodies is excellent, your juices are really natural and they are always delivered fresh and timely....AMAZING

Rupesh Kelaskar

Each and every single bottle was so amazingly delicious. Fruits never tasted so good!

Manish Dutta
Delhi NCR

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