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The inspiration behind Smoodies is an experience that a lot of us go through as children. That memory of my mother and my grandmother running after me with a plate of fruit, trying to get me to eat my fruit on the way to school is something that has stuck with me, because I hated how cumbersome the process of eating fruit was.

It either took too long to eat, or I didn't like the texture of a particular fruit, or something was too sweet, or something was too sour or just had way too many seeds to be bothered with.

When I grew up and lived the busy life that we all do, I often forgot to or didn't have the time to buy fruit, and definitely not the variety of fruit that the human body requires for a balanced diet. And when I got hungry or thirsty in between meals, I would drink beverages with sugar, or processed snacks which were often, to put it simply, fried simple carbohydrates (AKA bad for you!).

And one day it struck me how great it would be if I could solve all those problems of textures, tastes, and access to varieties of fruit with a simple product: fruit in a bottle!

The too creamy would be balanced by the not-so-creamy, the too sour would be balanced by the sweet, and it definitely wouldn't take too long to drink, and would be a happier, easier way to get my dose of fruit.

And so I got started on formulating recipes of smoothies, with a variety of fruits in every bottle, crushed, blended and bottled to provide a tasty, healthy and nutritious drink. And now its time to get those drinks across to you.

That is how Smoodies began.

If you're interested and intrigued, drop us a line, and we'll let you know how you can get some of these yummy bottles in your fridge.

Wishing you a fruitful day,



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