Feeling thankful on Independence Day :)

It's India's 70th Independence day today! For a lot of people, it means a check of the calendar every year to see whether it falls on a weekday or a weekend, to see if they get a long weekend or not.

Luckily for us, this year was a long weekend, so yippeee!

But more seriously, it is a common fact that negativity spreads more easily than positivity. Losing in the Olympics, traffic, politics, Bollywood and the list goes on and on. Negative headlines are noticed more, gossip spreads more than accomplishment, mudslinging of individuals happens more than recognition of them.

Truth be told, we're kind of sick of all that negativity. 

Now we don't want to get political, because hey, all we've ever wanted to do is to bring in a ray of happiness into your lives through fruit, and trust us, it is really really hard to fight over fruit (except if you're maybe 2 gorilla's fighting over a tomato like this picture below).

Gorillas fighting over a tomato

Photo credits: Daily Mail

So today, we sat down and reflected.

As a young food brand, Smoodies, we exist only because we are in an environment that encourages entrepreneurs to take the leap. We are also part of a flourishing economy that gives us a set of awesome consumers that are willing to experiment, try new brands and products, and be the super customers that we've seen in the early part of our journey.

So despite all our traffic woes, and potholed roads, and all the other things that we complain about all the time, we're feeling a little emotional this Independence weekend. So kudos to 70 years of a developing economy, evolving culture into the awesome that India is today :)

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