What’s the Best Time to Drink Sugarcane Juice?

Sugarcane juice is a refreshing and healthy drink that is loved by all. No one can resist its sweet and delicious taste, and it comes with many health benefits too, which is why it is often added to most diets and can also be helpful in keeping a number of diseases away.

The good news is that you can consume sugarcane juice all year round. In the summer, it prevents heat strokes by providing essential salts and energy boosts that are needed in high temperatures that cause constant sweating. In winter, it hydrates and soothes the digestive system as people tend to reduce their intake of water and increase their consumption of dehydrating drinks such as tea and coffee.

The Best Time to Drink Sugarcane Juice

Even though opinions vary, most experts suggest that the best time to drink sugarcane juice is before noon and should be had at least three times a week, in both winter and summer. One glass of this juice, which comes to around 250 ml, every day can do wonders. Typically, for an average person, the amount of sugarcane juice to drink is a half glass to one glass in a day.

However, if you’re suffering or recovering from jaundice or anemia, you can increase the quantity after consulting with your doctor. Consuming more than the prescribed quantity will interfere with digestion and kidney function as it is a diuretic and a laxative. Its high sugar content can also lead to weight gain.  Best to always check with your doctors if  you are following a prescription or diet.

Is it Good to Drink Sugarcane Juice Every Day?

This is a very common question, and the answer is a big yes. It is safe to drink sugarcane juice daily, but not more than 250 ml per day. Moderation is necessary. The temptation to give in to the sweet taste and the refreshing nature of sugarcane juice should be resisted.

When taken in moderation, this juice is a goldmine of goodness. Sugarcane juice is safe for those suffering from PCOD, thyroid disorder, diabetes, and obesity. It is good for pregnant women and children too.

Drinking Sugarcane Juice at Night

It is not advisable to drink it at night or around dinner. Sugarcane juice contains a compound called ‘policosanol’ which may cause insomnia, bloating, headaches, and giddiness. It may also lead to thinning of the blood which interferes with blood-cholesterol levels. Taking it before dinner can often lead to a loss of appetite.

Is it Good to Drink Sugarcane Juice on an Empty Stomach?

It is beneficial to consume sugarcane juice on an empty stomach, particularly if you wish to lose weight. It is full of natural sugar and fiber, both of which lead to healthy weight loss. Also, as this juice is alkaline, it neutralizes the acidity in the stomach. You can take it on an empty stomach without any stress.

Is it Good to Drink Sugarcane Juice After a Workout?

It is absolutely safe to consume it post-workout. Sugarcane juice is abundant in salts and minerals that balance sweating, and its high sugar content provides instant energy. It helps reduce heat in the body too. All of these make it an ideal after-workout drink, far superior and safe in comparison to the artificial energy drinks available these days. 

Sugarcane Juice by Smoodies

Although sugarcane juice is widely available around us, it is frequently sold on the street and produced in juicing machines that are left out in the open. Often, the canes are unwashed, and the processing can also be unclean. All this can contaminate this juice and make the consumer prone to infections. When it comes to having sugarcane juice, hygiene is a non-negotiable factor.

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