12 Extraordinary Benefits of Orange Juice (2022)

Tangy, refreshing, and full of nutrients- that's Orange Juice for you. Packed with important nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and magnesium, it also comes with extraordinary benefits. Summers do require that extra boost of hydration, and while you're at it, might we suggest making it equally flavourful. 

Here are 12 extraordinary benefits of Orange Juice that will help you enjoy the season even more...

1. Great for Skin 

Orange juice has vital vitamins C and E. These vitamins can help regenerate your skin cells. You can get rid of spots on your skin and blackheads. Orange juice helps your skin repair itself when it has been damaged at a moderate level after exposure to sunlight.

2. Improves Immunity 

There is another advantage of the Vitamin C in orange juice- It helps boost your immune system. With so many diseases and viruses prevalent now, it’s extremely important to have a strong immune system. One serving of orange juice every day would give you more than the vitamin C you need.

3.  Good for Digestion 

Orange juice comes with a lot of fiber. It helps in maintaining regular bowel movements. It works wonders for those who suffer from constipation or diarrhea, and its anti-inflammatory properties will ensure you don’t suffer from bloating.

4. Reduced chances of Cancer 

The vitamin C in orange juice can reduce the risk of getting cancer. Various studies have shown it can bring down the chances by 40% when it comes to mouth and stomach cancers. Orange juice has antioxidant properties which can also reduce the growth of tumors. It even has capabilities to stimulate the programmed death of cancerous cells.

5. Boosts Blood Circulation 

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin B9 and folate. These nutrients help improve your blood circulation, assist in the production of red blood cells, and control blood pressure levels. 

6. Avoids the Risk of Kidney Disease 

Kidney stones are usually formed because of an imbalance in calcium and oxalates in your body. Drinking orange juice regularly can help maintain the balance as it is rich in Calcium and Potassium. 

7. Great for Weight Loss 

Most weight loss diets include orange juice in their programs because orange juice can be very filling. Orange juice is particularly helpful when you’re following a low-sugar diet.

8. Improves Eyesight 

Orange juice is packed with vitamin A and Carotene. Vitamin A is specifically helpful in protecting your cornea, which is the surface your eye. The combination of carotene and Vitamin A you get from orange juice can also strengthen your eye’s membrane. This will create a strong barrier against bacteria and eye infections.

9. Has Healing Properties 

Drinking orange juice regularly can help in regenerating damaged cells, thanks to the flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. It also protects you from suffering heart attacks. Orange juice is also helpful in the healing process after a surgery.

10. Prevents Hair Loss 

The antioxidants and Carotene in orange juice also help in preventing hair loss. They regenerate hair cells and make your hair stronger. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E in orange juice also help strengthen your hair follicles.

11. Provides nutrients during Pregnancy 

Orange juice has many important nutrients you need when you’re pregnant. Folic acid and Vitamin C are especially important to maintain a healthy body. Folate in orange juice helps in creating DNA. The juice also has potassium which can help regulate the blood pressure levels in pregnant women.

12. Helps reduce risk of Diabetes

Orange juice has properties that can reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes. Even if you’re suffering from type 2 diabetes, drinking orange juice every day can help maintain your sugar levels. The Vitamin C in orange juice also ensures people with diabetes don’t suffer infections and damage to their organs. 

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