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Wacky Watermelon  - 200 ML
Wacky Watermelon  - 200 ML
Wacky Watermelon  - 200 ML

Wacky Watermelon - 200 ML

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This Wacky one is wonderfully winning, a well-loved and wholesome blend of Watermelon, Sugarcane and Lemon

Watermelon, Beetroot and Lemon

What is the shelf-life of Smoodies? 

  • Smoodies products have a shelf-life of 60 days.

Do I need to keep Smoodies refrigerated?

  • Though Smoodies are safe to consume if stored in a cool and dry place, we highly recommend that they be kept refrigerated throughout their shelf-life. This maximises freshness of flavour and nutrition, and will give you the best experience of the product
  • After opening, please keep strictly refrigerated and consume within 2-3 days.

What makes Smoodies unique?

  • Our products are all-natural, with no added sugar, no preservatives, and no additives.
  • Some brands will offer you a product with half of the promise of no added sugar, and some will offer it to you with the other half promise with no preservatives, but we give you a product with a 100% clean label, no compromises.

Smoodies have a 60 day shelf-life. How do you do that without preservatives?

  • We manufacture in an ISO 22000 certified facility, and have a number of safety measures in place
  • Sterilization of our glass bottles and caps prior to filling
  • With advancements in technology, we also reduce the microbial load in our drinks before bottling and maintain a 99% purified air facility
  • Glass is also a material that does not allow oxygen to move in and out of the bottle, which helps reduce oxidization of the product, thereby extending shelf life!
  • We are also incredibly careful about maintaining a clean production environment and filling our drink into sanitized bottles which helps give our drinks shelf-life. 

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Customer Reviews

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Wacky Watermelon

Enjoyed drinking

Nice & Refreshing.

Good refreshing taste. Liked it very much.

Keep it natural

Loved watermelon with that nimbu twist but can you pls keep sugarcane as it is!! Ginger overpowers that sweet sublime taste of sugarcane.