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Paying it Forward this International Women's Day

  Smoodies was set up as a mission-led brand - delivering honest fruit with great taste to India’s urban and increasingly health-conscious consumer. Unpacking that meant that we set down core brand pillars for our product: 100% Natural, with No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, and no Artificial Colours and Flavours. The product had to look good, taste good, be true to our brand values, and most importantly, reach our consumers! Bringing this together took work – a lot of it! A lot of people ask founders, “but how did you start?” and while there is no straightforward answer, the resounding theme is that starting up is the hardest phase! From figuring out recipes, shelf stability, product nutrition, compliances, manufacturing, finances,...

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First steps to sustainability

We started Smoodies with a very simple mission. To help do the world some good by helping our consumers stay healthy and happy. Our drinks are made with responsibility, integrity, and most importantly, love for the mission that we set out on. We are a growing brand with a large ambition, and that ambition is to make a positive difference in the world and to our consumers. Keeping you healthy is a mission that we can only feel proud of if we simultaneously take conscious calls to ensure that our business is responsible towards the world at large. So we are making one big change that will be the first of many steps along the way to achieving that ambition....

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Smoodies in Mumbai, the City of Dreams

A tiny note from Anusha Bhushan (Co-Founder & CEO of Smoodies) "For a while now I’ve been thinking about writing about what we have been upto at Smoodies. Every time we get into a new store, hit a new milestone, or just do something cool. But I haven’t. Partly because I felt like some of our victories feel like victories only to the team of people slogging their ass off to get work done, but probably don’t feel like much to the rest of the world. But I have been reflective lately. I still remember the day I sat at the dining table with my laptop thinking “right, let’s start a smoothies startup”. And by the end of the day,...

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End of year update

Hello! As we near the end of 2016, we hope you have your healthy New Year's resolutions for 2017 set and are feeling motivated to achieve them! Regardless of whether you keep your resolution in its entirety or not, rest assured, Smoodies will help you stay healthier and happier as you move through 2017.I want to say 2016 has been an important year for Smoodies, but what it really has been is formative, eye opening and downright incredible.  To the earliest customers who met us at flea markets or stumbled upon our Facebook page, thank you for giving us the confidence to keep at it, and for giving us feedback on our products. To the evangelists who have actively supported us...

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Feeling thankful on Independence Day :)

It's India's 70th Independence day today! For a lot of people, it means a check of the calendar every year to see whether it falls on a weekday or a weekend, to see if they get a long weekend or not. Luckily for us, this year was a long weekend, so yippeee! But more seriously, it is a common fact that negativity spreads more easily than positivity. Losing in the Olympics, traffic, politics, Bollywood and the list goes on and on. Negative headlines are noticed more, gossip spreads more than accomplishment, mudslinging of individuals happens more than recognition of them. Truth be told, we're kind of sick of all that negativity.  Now we don't want to get political, because hey, all we've ever...

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