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It has been a great start so far for Smoodies. Smoodies was started by a team of folks keen on bringing easy nutrition to consumers. Aimed at busy professionals, busy DINK (Double Income No Kids) couples and moms hunting for easy ways to feed their kids, you could say Smoodies are made for the everyday everyone, in fact, that is what we say. If you are the everyday everyone, Smoodies are for you.

We launched at the end of the March at one of Bangalore's favourite Sunday markets, Kitsch Mandi. After 3 hours of some insane selling, we sold out of our entire stock, and ended the day super super excited about how much you guys loved our drinks.

Smoodies team

The next weekend, we hit up Karen Anand's Farmers Market, where we had an equally phenomenal response, with Karen Anand herself coming up and awarding us the "Best Taste Award". 

smoodies juices

Over the last few months we've been busy like little busy bees. We've chosen your favourite flavours, and improved upon them, refined them, and have been busy figuring out how to get Smoodies across to you all over Bangalore.

And here we are! Check out our new and improved website, and place your order of Smoodies today!


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