Navratri 2022: 5 Food Pairings You Can Enjoy While Fasting

As an essential part of the rituals of Navratri, fasting can be a challenge for first-timers. Avoiding foods like meat, eggs, salt, rice, etc is crucial for the period of nine days, and even for people who have been observing these fasts for years and years, it can become a little bland. The good thing is that it doesn't need to be that way, and you can still enjoy food during festivities. 

Here's a list of five food pairings that can make Navratri 2022 more festive and tastier for you and your family. These come with limited ingredients, the goodness of whole fruit, and the best nutrient value that makes you stay healthier without compromising on flavours. 

1. Sabudana Khichdi 

A vrat classic, Sabudana khichdi is not new to Indian households, especially during Navratri. It's loaded with fiber and can keep you full. Stir-fry potatoes and peanuts go well with this khichdi when cooked in ghee. Add rock salt and lemon for taste, and pair it with Sugarcane Juice that gives you an extra boost of energy. 

2. Makhana (Fox Nuts) 

A staple Navratri snack, Makhana is a great option for those observing a fast. Stir fry makhanas with ghee, rock salt, and pepper. Enjoy its crunchiness and flavours with 100% pure orange juice that adds to the nutrition required to get through the day. 

3. Banana Smoothie 

This is another healthy option that takes only minutes to prepare and can be enjoyed as a snack or brunch. Add yogurt, bananas, honey, and some nuts of your choice in a mixer, and enjoy! If you are too lazy to try it out, you can opt for a 100% fruit-based berries smoothie that's rich in vitamins and minerals, and comes with the goodness of bananas as well. 

4. Sweet Potato Chaat 

Another 15-minute classic, this sweet potato chaat is full of nutritional benefits and a savior during Navratri fasting. Just boil the sweet potatoes, add lemon juice, pepper, or amchoor powder, and dig in. It's rich in Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, and Vitamin A. To make this more interesting, try pairing it with aam ka panna which will also keep your body cool. 

5. Dry Taro Root or Arbi 

Rich in fibre, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, E and resistant starch, arbi offers a multitude of benefits like keeping your blood sugar levels in control, which is great while observing a fast. Stir-fry the boiled Arbi with red chili powder, carom seeds, and green chili. Add lemon juice and coriander leaves when it's ready. To make it even more gluten-free and guilt-free, pair it with 100% natural pomegranate juice!